Rosa Orm Tarot Advice

Hello, I represent the Earth, and I fear... Nuclear war. Disruptive Technologies. Bycatch. Deforestation and Forest Degradation. Effects of Climate Change. Severe weather. Wildfires. Illegal Fishing. Illegal Wildlife Trade. Infrastructure. Oil and Gas Development.Overfishing. Artificial intelligence. Biotechnology.Global epidemic crisis. Weapons of mass destruction, Population growth. Extreme poverty. Politically motivated violence. Tsunamis. Astronomical waste. Supervulcanic eruptions - Volcanic winter. Comet or asteroid impact event - Impact winter. Harmful solar flares...

What should I do?


- Tarot table to answer question. -

Hello Earth, thanks for asking.

You have been moving from an age of sad dinosaurs, again towards more happy life and nature and variability among life forms. To continue on this journey, you need less commercialism (maximation of profit and consumption) in the wrong places, and possibilities for stillness to listen to yourself and acquire knowledge on the conditions required for variated life to emerge and survive. My advice to you is research and learning, to gather the knowledge and experience of many people and experts.

Yours sincerely, Rosa Orm


Rosa Orm Tarot copyright: Minna Gronstrand